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EC-Council University Offering
Ethical Hacking Scholarship EC-Council University (ECCU) is offering a full scholarship for its Master of Security Science (MSS) Program. The MSS prepares students for leadership positions in the cyber security industry. A 36-hour program, the course work can be completed online in as little as two years. Specifically the program offers in-depth instruction in the areas of ethical hacking, network security, digital forensics, disaster recovery, organizational structure and behavior, leadership and communication.

The $17,000 Ethical Hacking Scholarship covers tuition and fees for the MSS program. Additional costs for textbooks, shipping, computer equipment, internet fees, supplies and exam proctoring are not included in the scholarship. Students may transfer up to twelve credits of graduate course work into the MSS program from accredited institutions of higher education recognized by the US Department of Education. Nine of those credits can be from professional industry certifications. The acceptance of transfer credits is at the discretion of the University.

Scholarship applicants must

  • Have a bachelor’s degree with a 2.5 cumulative GPA or better or the foreign equivalent.
  • Meet EC-Council University’s admission requirements.
  • Complete ECCU Application for Admission—application fee will be waived for Ethical Hacking Scholarship applicants.

Students interested in the Ethical Hacking Scholarship should go to for the scholarship application process. In order to be considered for the Ethical Hacking Scholarship, all materials must be received by no later than September 1, 2012. The scholarship winner will be announced no later than October 1, 2012.

About the MSS Program Structure

The MSS program consists of an 18-credit set of core requirements, a 15-hour emphasis and a graduation project. Students can select either an emphasis in Information Assurance or Management. The Information Assurance emphasis focuses on a range of skills, strategies and techniques designed to broaden the expertise of the cyber security practitioner. The Management emphasis focuses on the development of leadership and communication skills; and broadens the student’s understanding of organizational structure, behavior and change.

  • Student Catalog
  • Graduate Certificates
  • Transfer Credits
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President’s Message

At EC-Council University, we have high aspirations for our students. We want them to be tomorrow’s technology leaders.

We have built this institution on four main principles. First, we understand the Technology Revolution and aim to prepare our students to excel in the new future. Second, we embrace a new learning paradigm where knowledge is shared across space, time and medium using our Learn Anywhere Anytime model.

Third, we provide course content and materials that are highly relevant and fresh out of many research and development labs. Finally, we believe in a professional faculty who openly share their experience and knowledge with our students.

It is these principles and a strong sense of mission that drives all my colleagues and associates of EC-Council University to provide not only the most high-tech content and learning resources, but also a learning system and environment which allows every student at EC-Council University to learn, experience and lead into the digital age.

We strive to prepare our graduates to embrace the challenging position of Information Security and Information Assurance Specialist in international organizations worldwide. We consider this to be the school where Chief Information Security Officers and e-Business Architects of world class stature are educated.

Sanjay Bavisi

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